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Empowered Strike is a Super which empowers a weapon with Wild Aether, making the next attack deal massive amount of Guard Damage and Health Damage through Guard.


Empowered Strike can be enhanced for a total of 3 times by crushing a Super Upgrade Crystal. Below are listed each of the new powers the crystal gives you when crushed:

Level 1 Empower this Weapon, causing the next Attack to deal 200% Guard Damage & 10 Health Damage, ignoring Guard
Level 2 Empowered Strikes now deal 300% Guard Damage on hit, and charges 50% faster.
Level 3 Empowered Strikes now deal 20 Health Damage through Guard
Level 4 Enemies struck by Empowered Strikes are afflicted with Soul Burn (Level 1).


Empowered Strike - Unavailable

Inactive icon for Empowered Strike.

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Active icon for Empowered Strike.